Photo by Cinthia Schmidt ©2010


Beingness is about an individual moment. Not in the past or in the future but RIGHT NOW. All without the interpretations or judgements we often use to filter our lives. Beingness is about listening with intent. Desiring to hear someone, feel a sensation, experience fully a moment in time. It takes practice and it is hard and rare because of the world of distractions and stress we live in.

Beingness creates a space for growth, healing and miracles. It is a gift to ourselves and in the case of bodywork, to another person. I think it takes an act of self-sacrifice and discipline to put aside the opinions, judgements, past experience and what we think we know to totally focus on another person.

When someone feels they are important enough for your complete attention, it gives them the freedom to release, express and grasp all that the universe has prepared for them at that moment. It brings the other person into your Beingness. I believe it also clears the way for God, the universe, or whatever you refer to as a higher power, to speak to you and to reveal what the person needs from you and …

At the very least, Beingness is going to provide for a richer and more fulfilling bodywork experience for both the client and myself. I will be more in tune with their needs and re-energized rather then drained from the experience. They will feel that they have my complete attention and that I have addressed their needs. This is the essence of why I want to provide bodywork services, to help others.